Be better than who you were yesterday — What exactly does this mean? Why is it important? How do we do this?

It starts with our individual belief sets and the internal choices we make in response to them that propels us forward, sets us back or keeps us right where we are. Whether conscious or unconscious, we’re consistently making choices that influence our growth.

A key aspect of growth is being able to bring unconscious thoughts to the conscious. This enhanced self-awareness helps us better respond to the events around us. Pinpointing how we can turn everyday situations into positive life experiences is a worth-while practice!

Here are 5 areas you can commit to focus your growth:

1) Spiritually – Being stronger spiritually is a process of personal transformation to help develop a bigger sense of meaning for your purpose in this world. Spirituality can instill the peace of mind found in faith — believing in something or someone you cannot see. When you develop the belief set that everything happens for a reason and there is a master plan for your life, your spiritual anchor will help shape who you are and how you view and treat other people. Spiritual beliefs can help alleviate life’s burdens. Growing spiritually can even help introduce you into a new community of like-minded people to do life with!

2)  Physically – Physical health is the ability to perform daily tasks with energy and enthusiasm. It encompasses more than just appearance. Nutrition, exercise and overall diet matter. Being better physically means prioritizing your health. Exercise can help charge your brain’s endorphins which scientifically gives you a boost! Physical activity can also reduce stress, help you relax and enhance your self-confidence. Overall, being physically active can give you a sense of ownership for your life, helping you become more optimistic.

3)  Mentally – Mental and intellectual stimulation aid growth. Uncovering a passion and then pursuing it with all your might is one way to grow mentally. It’s about challenging your mind and studying the external and internal forces in life. When we evolve to have new perspectives through open-mindedness we are learning during every interaction we have with others. We also become unafraid to go deeper with the internal conversations we have with ourselves. Exploring our thoughts helps stimulate our minds as we discover more and more about who we truly are as individuals.

4)  Emotionally – Making a conscious effort to control and express emotions in a respectful and tactful demeanor, allowing you to assess situations in objective manners, is a part of growing emotionally. Obtaining true emotional happiness and security does not mean that you become numb to certain emotional ailments or that you have the ability to contain your emotions internally. Managing emotions is the ability to approach all situations with a clear mind without allowing uncontrolled emotions to dictate your actions/reactions. The state of emotion at any given moment can positively or negatively affect entire outlooks and actions. Emotions can control your attitude, physical health and overall mental state. When you balance your emotions with effective strategies, you’re able to make more conscious decision to shift positively. Life is too short to let it be consumed with worry, fear, or anxiety. Be grounded, easy going, calm and collected. Turn from anger and make more room for the happy in your life.

5)  Professionally – Whether you’re a student, a working professional or a stay at home parent, being better professionally is something that can apply to all of us. Being a “professional” simply means being the best you can possibly be at what you do on a daily basis. It’s about being ambitious and striving to raise the bar every day. It’s about trying to make an impact and a lasting impression on the work at hand or the lives you touch. It’s about setting short term and long term goals to achieve success. In whatever terms you deem success. Clear checkpoints towards achieving your goals will help you identify progress to make sure you’re on the right track.

Remember these 5 areas for growth through the acronym, “Super Positive Messages Excite People!” Because it’s true right? Super positive messages really do excite people!

Best wishes for your continued growth!

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