2015 is not just another year. It’s THE year for you!

It’s a start for new pursuits, and a time of reflection on the ever consistent goals you’ve had overtime. The New Year offers freshness! Holiday time off to clear your mind, re-prioritize your focus, dream BIG and get back to work feeling alive. It’s a chance to consider the positive impact you desire to make and how you plan to give back to others as you become happier and more fulfilled than ever before.

There are certainly a few waves of thought we can choose to surf in 2015.

We can continue to live life as if it’s just another day around the corner, asking ourselves “What’s the big deal?” or “Why all the hype?” We can choose to keep on keeping on with the same mindset that seemingly brings us ease and comfort.

OR, we can choose to view the new year as a reminder to think new! As the time to ignite our internal drive by tapping into the passion to do something bigger than we’ve ever done before. We can decide to become intentional about achieving the goals we’ve always considered but never fully committed towards.

The choice is certainly yours! Perhaps you’re ready to be a doer, go-getter and inspirer driving towards your destiny.

These 3 sparks will help kick start your 2015 with a bang!

  • Set 5 Goals: And prioritize them by importance to you! For personal goals, it’s helpful when they are SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results focused and Time bound. Trying to lose weight? Set an achievable, specific number within a timeframe and get to work in measurable ways! Another perspective for business goals is to make sure they are CLEAR — Collaborative, Limited, Emotional, Appreciable, Refineable. Whichever route and process you take toward goal setting, it’s always helpful to KISS — Keep It Super Simple!
  • Train Your Mind: When your write your goals down on paper, you’re more inclined to be driven to achieve them. Post your written goals in a visible spot that will serve as a daily, sometimes hourly reminder that you’re pursuing something SMART. After writing and reading your goals, share your goals with close family and friends who are supporters. These three steps reinforce your thoughts and words to instill consistent action. Your mind needs to be strengthened, and only you can train it!
  • Pick a Partner: Whether a coach, trainer, friend, colleague, parent, sibling or significant other — clearly ask someone to help keep you on track with your goals. Make yourself available to actively support them as well. Be intentional about creating a plan to check in and communicate with one another. Don’t be shy! Community and discipleship will add fun to your focus!

CHALLENGE: Spark your year by setting goals, training your mind and picking a partner by the end of January!

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