Ever curious why some people may have a great day while others have a bad day, or even just a good day? How some people give off significant positive energy while others don’t smile much? Or better yet, ever wonder why some people are so excited about life that they confuse those around them as to why they are so happy in the first place?

What if you realized you, too, could have a positive mindset? Not just sometimes — all the time.

Understanding the powerful influence of choices on a daily basis will transform good days to great days and great days to genuinely fantastic days!

Developing healthy habits first thing in the morning will propel the positive shift of your day, taking you to new heights of happiness. Individual experiences and different circumstances are bound to impact your day. Being intentional about what we can and cannot influence is key to a positive lifestyle.

5 ways to start your day off right:

  • 30 Second Rule – With the alarm clock buzzing, “Noooooo!” might be running through our minds. “Ten more minutesThis bed is so comfy. And it’s freezing in here! I don’t want to get out from the covers.” Our immediate self-talk kick starts our energy for the day. Harness optimism to get those positive juices flowing right away! Be intentional with the first 30 seconds of your day.
  • Visualize Your Attitude – What if we believed, “I will have an absolutely incredible day and live life to the fullest! I’ll be better than who I was yesterday and make an impact!”? Tell yourself (out loud) what kind of day you will have, and be convincing! Today is not just another day. It’s a fresh start to achieve your full potential.
  • Set Daily Goals – When we create daily goals, we prioritize our focus and actions to ensure our time is well spent. It gives us a Get Up & Go drive that feeds our purpose. When we know what lane we’re in, it minimizes distractions and helps those around us know which direction we’re running in…onward and upward!
  • Keep Small Things, Small Things – Circumstances might sometimes interrupt our plans for positivity. Be prepared to actively offset the little things that might throw you off your game. Stop them in their tracks by deciding to either drop them immediately or address them quickly and positively if they shouldn’t be ignored. Find the fun in squashing negativity. Laugh. After all – these are small things!
  • Be Grateful & Smile – If one thing is consistent for a positive attitude, it’s an inner smile that shines outward. When we start our day with the above tactics, we are better postured to recognize goodness all around. Being thankful for the incredible goodness in our lives – the people, the opportunities, the experiences, nurtures our positively growing mindsets.

While there are many things in life we cannot control, we do have influence over our thoughts — especially how we respond to situations. Life is not what happens to us, but rather how we choose to see it. And it all begins fresh each morning the moment we wake up.

Give the 5X5 challenge a try! For 5 days in a row, try practicing the 5 tactics above. Start your day off right. Spread positive vibes!

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