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Choosing Which Waves To Surf

The goal of an AlwaysSmilin lifestyle is simple: to encourage positivity, share happiness and embrace the incredible power of choices. Why? Because we need it. Our friends need it. The world needs it!

How do you get out of bed each morning? With energy to tackle the day…or with eyes half shut? Let’s wake up! We can be better than who we were yesterday without taking anything for granted.

In 2014, the practice of a positive mindset turned into a personal mission that stuck. Because the universal language of happiness is a smile, AlwaysSmilin was formed as a way to spread positive vibes to you and your crew!

Luckily, the lifestyle doesn’t demand perfection. Challenging waves have certainly crashed our shores. The struggle to find positivity in stormy circumstances is real. Throughout the journey, however, discovering life is less about what happens to us and more about how we respond to what happens to us has helped us choose which waves to surf. You can, too!

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Smile On,

The AlwaysSmilin Crew

Meet the Founder

Over the years, there is a phrase that has been repeated to me many times.

“Aaron, you are always smiling”.

I never really thought much about it, always responding, “Life is a gift, what’s not to smile about?”

And then I kept on with my day.

Until one day, it hit me.

In a world of negativity, I can do more than be happy myself. I can be a beacon of light, spreading that happiness and joy to others. I asked myself how I could create a community of like-minded optimists. How could I help others grow? How could I challenge them? How could I lift them up when they were down?

From that goal, AlwaysSmilin was born.

A lifestyle brand focused on spreading positive vibes, AlwaysSmilin was my idea to help others to find the good, and it has provided a community for folks to continue encouraging each other. We’d do it through positive messages and visual reminders to be happy put on everything from coffee mugs to t-shirts.

The more I thought about how I could impact others, the more I wanted AlwaysSmilin to grow. Beyond instilling positivity and optimism, I wanted to help others become the best versions of themselves. I wanted them to wake up each day, better than they were the day before.

I’m a firm believer in setting huge goals, then doing everything we can to achieve them. Nothing is impossible.

So I became a performance coach. I took on advisory roles with a few companies. And I distilled what I learned about helping people become their best selves into a book: Max Potential.

Max Potential is the core philosophy of AlwaysSmilin, and it teaches readers how to stay positive, how to be better than they were yesterday, and how to live in accordance with their values and personal mission.

Life is too short not to enjoy every moment.

It’s too short not to reach your maximum potential.

It’s too short not to smile.

I believe in using your smile to change the world. And not letting the world change your smile.

Our blogs serve as bite sized information for shifting positive. The t-shirts and swag serve as visual reminders to focus on the good. And the book outlines exactly how you can achieve your maximum potential.

Join me in helping others and be part of the #vibetribe. Let’s make a positive impact in the world.

Smile on,


“Being better today than who I was yesterday is something I strive for everyday. It keeps me motivated to make a positive impact. Choosing to be more open, understanding and accepting guides my growth. We make choices and after awhile, our choices make us.”

– Aaron Ammar

A little more on Aaron

Aaron is an entrepreneur, investor, author and eternal optimist.

Born and raised in Texas, he founded his first business, a pressure washing company, while still in high school. He then moved to North Carolina to play Division I soccer at Appalachian State University graduating with honors and earning degrees in Finance & Banking and Risk Management & Insurance.

Upon graduating, he held corporate roles at Travelers and XL Catlin and served as the Head of Risk Aggregation & Analytics at XL Catlin in the Enterprise Risk Management group. He co-founded and operates SPA Properties, a real estate business focused on providing affordable student and family housing, as well as The Ammar Team at Keller Williams Realty, helping clients buy, sell and invest in homes.

Currently residing in West Hartford, Connecticut, he is a Partner at Y-Risk, an innovative insurance company focused on insuring the sharing and on-demand economy. He is also a Partner at Vixster, a waste and recycling company in North Carolina.

Aaron is passionate about business and startups and serves as an advisor to several companies. He is a performance coach through Performance Coach University, taught by world renowned coach and speaker, Jairek Robbins.

He also serves as a board member for the Brantley Risk & Insurance Center at Appalachian State University and is active in the local Nutmeg Big Brother’s Big Sister’s program. Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife, Joslyn, son Eli and dog Zane.


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