Life is an amazing gift! It’s something to never take for granted. Finding appreciation in everything we encounter — people, places and things, good and bad — builds character.

In order to increase the quality of our lives, we can strive to focus our actions and goals every single day. Making choices that elevate our mind, body and soul starts with intention.

When we choose to improve the quality of our health, relationships, careers and more, we are more likely to experience deeper connections and greater purpose.

Building more quality into your day can be simple and fun!

Consider taking these 15 simple actions to improve the quality of your day and influence others in a positive way!

1. Smile More

2. Pray

3. Be Grateful

4. Forgive Someone

5. Serve Through Intentional Acts of Kindness

6. Compliment, and Truly Mean It

7. Tell Others To “Have a Phenomenal Day!” Instead of “Good” Day

8. Be Opened Minded

9. Learn Something New

10. Exercise

11. Say “Thank You!”

12. Meditate

13. Choose Not To Stress

14. Don’t Take Anything For Granted

15. Laugh

Challenge: Perhaps you won’t master them all on a daily basis. If anything, get started by picking just one. Then the next day, try two. Building something takes a plan. It takes intention and discipline. Craft your goals and track your progress with these 15 acts in mind!

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